im sort of really really platonically in love with you oh gosh

Aww!! Youre so sweet. Im positively honoured youre the cats pajamas! Honestly this is one of the darndest things ive ever received.


The third in a trilogy 


jack this is the one that was bigger than my hand! he hangs out under our grill now. he’s definitely not the biggest one out there but he was cute and he had a super blue tail.

Oh those are the lil blue tail skinks!! Cute buggers. You should name them all and feed those small pups squash.


Found this cranky miss in the backyard today!


I did some paper art of an older picture of the alpha kids I had drawn a while back. I’ve been meaning to finish it forever and just kept getting sidetracked ahhaha.
Yeah but anyway this is for Gavin nun;; I wish I had finished it sooner but anyway hope everyone likes it!

As in the words of my gal miss lalonde… *Le sign*

striders replied to your post:
we have loads of them living on our porch. i named one garth o:

But is it a big beanie bean? Or a tiny beanie bean? No tiny skinks allowed. Just big woofs. If youre a good chum you know youd wrangle one up and send it across the border to me. So jack can have a skink.